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The Right Selection of Gas and Pressure for Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Fiber laser cutting machines are used to cut different kinds of material, and the gas using must including it the cutting process. So how to choose the right gas and pressure for fiber laser cutter, this will be the most comprehensive guide on the subject of how to select the right gas and pressure.

Depending on the different cutting plate material, the selection of different cutting gases and pressures has a great impact on the quality of the fiber laser cutting machine.

The fiber laser cutting cutter cuts colored plates such as stainless steel or aluminum plates, and generally uses nitrogen as an auxiliary gas for cooling and protection. Carbon steel cutting uses oxygen to cool and accelerate combustion to accelerate cutting. The cutting gas helps to dissipate heat and support combustion, and blow away the molten stains, so as to obtain a cutting section with better quality.

The influence of gas and pressure on cutting quality

  • When the gas pressure not enough:

Quality effects: During cutting, the melting stains will occur, the cutting speed cannot achieve, that affect the production efficiency.

  • When the gas pressure too high:

Quality effects: The cutting surface is rough and the slit is wider, at the same time, the cutting section will be partially melted and a cannot have a good cutting section.

The influence of gas pressure on piercing

  • When the gas pressure too low: The laser is not easy to penetrate the cutting plate, and the drilling time longer than before, it will make in low productivity.
  • When the gas pressure too high: Easy cause to the penetration point to melt, forming a larger melting point, that affects the cut quality.

Gas choices

a) Oxygen:

Oxygen can be used as cutting gas, as a cooling cutting head, and as dust removal inside the optical path (to protect the lens and delay the lens use time). The oxygen reaction can greatly improve the cutting efficiency, and the oxide film produced will also increase the spectral absorption factor of the reflective material beam.

Mainly suitable using materials: Rolled steel, rolled steel for welding structure, carbon steel for mechanical structure, high tension plate, tool plate, stainless steel, electroplated steel plate, copper, copper alloy, etc.

b) Nitrogen:

Nitrogen can prevent oxide-free cutting of the oxide film. Pure nitrogen is used as the gas (cooling property) for cutting stainless steel with a purity of 99.9%, high-purity nitrogen is used as the gas used for the laser, with a purity of 99.999%.

Mainly suitable usingmaterials: Stainless steel, electroplated steel plate, brass, aluminum, aluminum alloy, etc.

c) Air:

Air compressor can directly to provide it, that is relatively cheaper than other gases.

Mainly suitable using materials:  Aluminum, aluminum alloy, stainless copper, brass, electroplated steel plate, non-metal, etc.

d) Argon:

Used to prevent oxidation and nitridation, and also can use in welding.

Carbon dioxide: high-purity carbon dioxide: used as laser gas, purity: 99.999%.

Mainly suitable using materials: Titanium, titanium alloy, etc.

Selection of cutting gas pressure for fiber laser cutting machine

When laser drilling, generally a higher gas pressure is used for punching thin plate parts, and a specific punching method is used for punching thick plate parts to eliminate the disadvantageous factors of low air pressure on the protection of the lens. When the laser cutting machine cuts ordinary carbon steel, the thicker the material, the lower the pressure of the cutting gas. When cutting stainless steel, the cutting gas pressure increases relatively with the thickness of the material.

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