NAVSTAR in High-End Laser Products: Launching 40KW after Global Hot Sales of 30KW - Glorystar Laser

NAVSTAR in High-End Laser Products: Launching 40KW after Global Hot Sales of 30KW

At the beginning of 2022, Glorystar Laser delivered its first NAVSTAR 30KW super-high-power fiber laser cutting machine in Pingdingshan, Henan, and quickly gained popularity both domestically and overseas. Now, in response to market demands, we proudly introduce our new flagship product – the 40KW NAVSTAR. Representing high standards, quality, and configuration, it leads the future of global high-end intelligent manufacturing and empowers China’s industrial and national development.

The First 30000w Grand Delivery In Central China

The First 30000w Grand Delivery In Central China
40000w Global Stunning Release

“NAVSTAR” 40000w Global Stunning Release

How Powerful of Our 40KW NAVSTAR Series?

The latest product from NAVSTAR features the industry-leading 40000w super high power laser, delivering a significant improvement in cutting technology, effect, speed, and stability. It demonstrates an unparalleled cutting performance.

1. Consistent And Stable Cutting of Thick Plates

2. Industry-Leading Technology for Micro-Perforation of Ultra-Thick Plates

40000w Laser Cutting 100mm Stainless Steel – Micro-Hole Cutting

3. Mixed Gas Cutting: Faster, More Efficient, and Environmentally Friendly

40000w VS 30000w

With the wisdom and strength of the Glorystar Laser Research team, the newly launched NAVSTAR 40000W laser cutting machine is a breakthrough in power and performance. Not only does it boast an impressive power output, but it also features upgraded operating systems, foundational design, power systems, and safety features, providing exceptional comprehensive performance.

super high power fiber laser cutting machine
Dust Removal


Triple Protection


Intelligent Oil Injection

Auto Oil

Air Pressure Monitoring

Air Pressure Monitoring

Intelligent Protection

Intelligent Protection


1. Patneted Hollow Dual-bed Frame

patent hollow double bed frame

2. Patented Modular Design Workbench

Patented Modular Design Worktable

3. Industry First Full Servo Control System

full servo control system

4. Efficient Dust Removal System

Automatic Zoning Dust Removal System

5. Safety Light Curtain Design

metal Laser Cutting Machine--Industry-unique Anti-collision Detection Device

The birth of the 40,000W NAVSTAR is a result of Glorystar Laser’s precise positioning in the high-end intelligent manufacturing field, our unwavering pursuit of high-quality products, and our commitment to maximizing customer value. Its success has set a new direction for the industry. In the future, Glorystar will live up to expectations, leading innovation towards higher standards and higher quality.

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