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Full Cover Fiber Laser Cutting Machine | GS-CE Series

Our Full Cover Fiber Laser Cutting Machine comes with a fully enclosed protective cover and a protective glass observation window, offering the highest level of safety and a cleaner work environment. It prevents sparks and slag splatter, minimizes laser radiation, and reduces noise levels for a better user experience.

Perfect for industries in need of accurate and efficient cutting, this cutting-edge machine can handle metals such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, brass, and copper. With the Power options of 3-20KW, it can cut metal plates up to 60mm(2.36″). Choose our Whole Cover Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for improved productivity, cost savings, and consistently high-quality results, it will be your ideal choice for safe and efficient metal cutting!

superior product-1 year warranty

Superior Product

1 Year Warranty

ce certification

CE Certification

Highest safety standards

service and support

Technical Support

Free Technical Consult for Life

Cutting Materials and Thickness

Stainless Steel1-10mm(3/64-25/64″)1-14mm(3/64-35/64″)1-25mm(3/64-63/64″)1-30mm(3/64-1.18″)
Carbon Steel1-22mm(3/64-55/64″)1-22mm(3/64-55/64″)1-25mm(3/64-63/64″)1-35mm(3/64-1.37″)
Stainless Steel1-35mm(3/64-1.37″)1-40mm (3/64-1.57″)1-50mm(3/64-1.97″)1-60mm(3/64-2.36″)
Carbon Steel1-40mm(3/64-1.57″)1-45mm(3/64-1.77″)1-50mm(3/64-1.97″)1-60mm(3/64-2.36″)

What’s your cutting project?

Tell us what kind of material you need to cut and how thick, and other demands, we will give you the best solution and help you succeed.

why choose our Full Cover Fiber laser cutter?

  • Safety First: In addition to the full protection design, our machine also features an intelligent collision detection system. In the event of any potential collision, the machine automatically stops, ensuring the safety of the operator.
  • High Efficiency:  Our machine boasts a high cutting speed of up to 65m/min, further enhanced by a fast exchange table and an auto-focus cutting head, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and productivity.
  • High Quality: Our machine delivers consistent cutting quality across various materials, thicknesses, and designs. Its advanced laser technology allows for a minimal kerf width, resulting in accurate, cleaner cuts and reduced material waste.
  • Low Maintenance Cost: Our machine offers low maintenance costs due to its intelligent maintenance features, including auto lubrication system and air pressure monitoring system. It reduces downtime and maintenance expenses, maximizing performance and longevity.
  • More convenient: With three-directional vents, dual side hoppers, and two control panels, our machine adapts to any workspace layout, offers ultimate convenience, streamlines workflow, and boosts productivity.
Overall, the benefits of this machine make it a valuable investment for many industries, including but not limited to aerospace, shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing, auto parts manufacturing, electrical manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, home appliance manufacturing, sheet metal processing and advertising. Don’t hesitate-request a quote now and start enjoying the benefits of our start-of-art machine! 

high-rigidity welded bed frame

Our bed frame is treated with high-temperature annealing and stored long-term to remove stress from its components, creating a stronger, more durable structure with enhanced rigidity and heat resistance. It stays in shape even extended use, ensuring consistent cutting precision throughout ongoing operations.

high-rigidity welded bed frame
Automatic Zoning Dust Removal System

Automatic Zoning Dust Removal System

Our machine features a whopping 30 fully automated dust removal zones. They work seamlessly to efficiently capture and remove dust, debris, and fumes generated during the cutting process. 

It maintains a cleaner and healthier working environment, improves cutting quality, and extends the lifespan of the machine components, making it an ideal choice for businesses that prioritize both performance and workplace safety.

Dual Support Design (above 6kw)

This innovative design features two footings—one supporting the load of the transmission system and the other bearing the weight of the worktable. 

This groundbreaking weight distribution system provides unparalleled stability and prevents deformation. You can get consistently precise cutting results for every project, leading to increased productivity, reduced waste, and ultimately, higher profits.

dual support design
Patented Modular Design Worktable

Modular Design Worktable (above 8kw)

If the worktable gets damaged or deformed due to continuous laser operation in one area, you only need to replace the affected section. 

This smart approach saves you money on maintenance costs while keeping your cutting performance top-notch. Invest in our machine and experience the ultimate in cost-effective laser cutting solutions!

Other Top-notch Configurations

auto-focus cutting head

Auto-focus Cutting Head

laser source

Energy-efficient Laser Source

Cast Aluminum Beam

Cast Aluminum Beam

Industrial Air Conditioning

Industrial Air Conditioning

Technical Parameter








Working Area













Laser Power

3KW / 4KW / 6KW / 8KW / 10KW / 12KW / 15KW / 20KW / 30KW

Positioning    Precision


Repeat Positioning Precision


Max.Composite Positioning Speed

100m/min (328′/min)

Max Acceleration


Overall Dimension













Cutting Samples

laser cutting carbon steel sample
laser cutting brass sample
laser cutting carbon steel sample

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