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1000w 1500w 2000w 3000w Fiber Laser Cutter For Sale | New GS-3015 Series

New GS-3015 Series fiber laser cutting machine is a high performance thin sheet metal laser cutting machine with 1000w/1500w/2000w/3000w fiber laser optional. It is suitable for cutting all thin metals, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, brass, etc. After redesign, New GS-3015 Series can provide larger effective strokes up to 3100*1600mm.

Any thin metal sheet cutting idea or project? It will be your best solution for its high speed, high precision, high quality, stable performance, long lifetime, and low cost. Now this 1000w/1500w/2000w/3000w fiber laser cutter for sale at affordable price.


Applied Material and Thickness:

Stainless Steel
Carbon Steel

Applied Industries:
Sheet Metal Processing, Household Appliances, Subways, Automobiles, Machinery, Precision Parts, Metallurgical Equipment, Elevators, Handicrafts, Tool Processing, Decorations, Advertising, External Metal Processing, and other metal manufacturing industries.

Why New GS Series for Your Thin Sheet Metal Cutting Project?

  • Provide you high speed and high precision cutting to achieve the best parts without burrs, slag, black edges, and deformation
  • Stability allows your machine to run stable for a long time to meet your high-volume processing needs
  • Low purchasing and operation cost, cost-effective without compromising performance
  • Small size, more compact layout, low space and transport cost; open type structure, convenient for plate loading and unloading
  • Entry-level laser cutter, easy to learn and operate, and we also offer free training. After training by our certified technicians, you will become an expert.
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More Compact Layout

Compact structure, small size, small floor area, suitable for small factories enter-in. You can place it anywhere in your workshop without site restrictions. 

It is the world’s only solution for 8 machines in a 40HQ container with great savings on shipping costs.

more compact layout
the effective cutting stroke can reach 3100×1600mm with a larger cutting range

Larger Effective Format

Feature the largest effective cutting format among similar products in the industry, and the effective cutting stroke can reach 3100*1600mm with a larger cutting range.

More Stable Performance

After careful design, the internal structure of the machine is more reasonable. The industrial air conditioner can adjust the temperature of the electrical components and the laser at the same time.

It can effectively avoid the increasing temperature affecting the metal plate processing caused by long-term work and ensures that the machine performance is more stable and support your long-term mass production.

industrial air conditioning for more stable performance

Technical Parameter


New GS-3015

Laser Power


Working Area


Positioning Accuracy


Repeat Positioning Accuracy


Max. Acceleration


Overall Dimension


Free Sample Cutting Service

We provide a free sample cutting&test service. You only need to send us the CAD file, and we will arrange it for you as soon as possible and send you all the videos to show you the cutting process and results.

solution customization service

Cutting Solution Customization Service

We will customize your most suitable laser cutting solution according to your processing needs. Getting a laser solution from Glorystar Laser is always efficient and cost-effective.

free training service

Free Training & Guidance Service

We provide free training services, and our certified technicians will provide you with the most professional guidance to help you use your laser cutting machine and get into production as soon as possible.

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