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Carbon Steel / Iron Laser Cutting Machine

When it comes to carbon steel, it is often compared with iron. In fact the two materials are indeed very similar. They differ in carbon content. Carbon steel consists of approximately 1% carbon and 99% iron, while iron consists of approximately 2-3% carbon and 97-98% iron.

Glorystar’s fiber laser cutting machines are capable of cutting iron/carbon steel (it is also known as mild steel, low carbon steel, cold rolled steel) . They are available with up to 40kw of power and cut carbon steel / iron up to 100mm(3.94″) thick.

We Provide Best Carbon Steel / Iron Laser Cutter For You

Our carbon steel / iron laser cutting machines full cover the power range from 1kw to 40kw. They are suitable for cutting carbon steel/iron sheets from thin to ultra thick.

entry level stainless steel laser cutter

Equipped with 1-3KW Fiber Laser Source, designed for cutting thin carbon steel/iron plates

medium power stainless steel laser cutter

Equipped with 3-20KW Fiber Laser Source, designed for cutting medium thick carbon steel/iron plates

super high power stainless steel laser cutter

Equipped with 20-40KW Fiber Laser Source, designed for cutting extra thick carbon steel/iron plates

open type laser cutting machine

Equipped with 1-15KW Fiber Laser Source, designed for cutting thin to medium thick carbon steel/iron plates

exchange table stainless steel laser cutter

Equipped with 1-15KW Fiber Laser Source, designed for cutting thin to medium thick carbon steel/iron plates

large format laser cutting machine

Equipped with large processing format, designed for cutting ultra-large format carbon steel / iron plates

Capacity For Cutting Carbon Steel / Iron

Carbon Steel / Iron
Carbon Steel / Iron

Oxygen is the assist gas of choice when laser cutting carbon steel/iron. The oxygen reacts with the steel at high temperatures, causing it to oxidize and creating a reaction that helps to remove the molten material from the kerf. This process is called oxidation cutting, and it results in a clean and smooth cut surface with minimal burrs or dross.

Dry, clean air can also be used as an assist gas when cutting thin carbon steel/iron to reduce machining costs.

Why Choose Us

We understand the significance of both product quality and cost-effectiveness for our customers. Therefore, we provide products that not only boast exceptional performance but also have a competitive price.
High Accuracy

High Accuracy

Our laser cutting machine adopts the most advanced fiber laser cutting technology, resulting in a small, precise laser beam that cuts carbon steel / iron with accuracy and small error, less than 0.03mm.

High Speed

High Speed

The cutting speed of our machines is up to 65m/min. This high speed capability enables fast and clean processing of large quantities of carbon steel / iron sheets, reducing overall production time and increasing productivity.

Unparalleled Stability

Unparalleled Stability

Our laser cutting machines undergo strict quality control, are stable enough to run 24/7 with almost no downtime and keep your carbon steel / iron processing projects completed on schedule.

100mm carbon steel cut by super high power laser cutter
Play Video about 100mm carbon steel cut by 40000w fiber laser cutting machine

Laser Cutting Samples

laser cutting carbon steel sample
laser cutting carbon steel sample
laser cutting carbon steel sample
laser cutting carbon steel sample
laser cutting carbon steel sample

Get Your Carbon Steel / Iron Cutting Solution

What’s your carbon steel / iron cutting project and plan? Don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know your requirements. Your extraordinary carbon steel / iron cutting solution will start here!

Industry Application

Laser cutting machines for carbon steel / iron are widely used in a variety of industries, including metal decoration industry, construction industry, home appliance manufacturing, metal fabrication, machinery manufacturing, furniture manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, electronics, and many others.

Automobile Manufacturing

Car engine

Steel frame of a building

Construction Industry

Steel frame of a building

Metal Decoration Industry

Metal screen

iron furniture suite

Furniture Manufacturing

Iron furniture suite

metals that can be cut by fiber laser cutter

Which Metals Can Be Cut by a fiber laser cutting machine?

In addition to carbon steel /iron, our fiber laser cutting machine can also cut the following metals:

Those Who Choose Glorystar Laser Said

I've been using Glorystar fiber laser cutting machine for a few years now and it's been great. It can easily cut through sheets of mild and low carbon steel up to 1/4 inch thick, and the precision is top-notch.

our customer
Christopher Taylor Manager

I primarily use my fiber laser cutter for cutting thin sheets of high carbon steel for my business, and it works like a charm. The cuts are clean and precise, and I've had no issues with the machine so far.

our customer
Robert Martinez Founder & CEO

    Want To Ask Something From Us?

    Yes, carbon steel can be laser cut. When laser cutting, the high-power laser beam melts or vaporizes the material to create a precise cut, which makes it an efficient and cost-effective method for cutting carbon steel.

    In general, carbon steel is not considered difficult to cut. The cutting method and equipment used can impact the ease and efficiency of cutting. And laser cutting is one method that can be used to efficiently cut carbon steel, especially with the use of oxygen as an assist gas. The cutting speed and quality depend on several factors, such as the thickness and composition of the material, laser power, and assist gas used. When these factors are optimized, carbon steel can be laser cut quickly and with high precision.

    Yes, laser cutters are capable of cutting complex designs in carbon steel. The laser cutting process can be easily programmed to follow a specific cutting path, allowing for creating complex shapes and patterns with ease.

    The cost of a carbon steel / iron laser cutter can vary widely depending on several factors such as the laser power, size, and capability of the machine. You can tell us the carbon steel thickness and size you need to cut and your other requirements, we will recommend the most suitable machine that fits your specific needs and budget.

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