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Aluminum Laser Cutting Machine
The Ultimate Solution for Precise and Efficient Cutting

If you are looking for aluminum laser cutting machine, and want to learn more about laser cutting aluminum, you are in the right place.

We offer aluminum laser cutters with high speed and high accuracy. Our machines provide ultimate solution for precise and efficient aluminum cutting. With the power range of 1000-40000w optional, they can cut aluminum up to 80mm (3.15) in thickness. There are various potential applications.

Wide Range of Aluminum Laser Cutter

Aluminum laser cutting machines have a wide range of applications. They are capable of cutting aluminum and its alloys. These alloys includes aluminum-copper, aluminum-magnesium, and aluminum-zinc alloys, making them a versatile solution for businesses in many different industries, such as aerospace, automobile, construction, electronics, machinery, and packaging.

Choose Your Right Aluminum Laser Cutting Machine

To help ensure you select the best machine for your needs, here are some key factors to consider:

1. Laser Source: Laser cutting aluminum, which is the best laser?

Aluminium is a kind of non-ferrous metals that can be cut using a laser. And fiber laser has proven to be the best option in terms of laser cutting aluminum.

Generally, fiber lasers, CO2 lasers, and other solid-state lasers can cut metal. The choice depends on the material’s characteristics and thickness. However, aluminum is a soft metal with high reflectivity and thermal conductivity. When a laser is projected onto aluminum, it produces reflection. This poses a great challenge for laser cutting aluminum, but it is not impossible.

CO2 lasers have a series of mirrors inside, which can reflect laser beams and damage the machine. Fortunately, fiber lasers don’t require mirrors and have reflection protection, so they’re not easily affected by aluminum reflection. As a result, fiber laser cutting is the best way to cut aluminum. Not only that, it’s fast, precise, clean, and cost-effective cutting technology.

2. Laser Power: Power options of aluminum fiber laser cutter

When choosing the laser power for an aluminum laser cutting machine, it’s important to consider the thickness of the aluminum material you want to cut. Generally speaking, the thicker the material, the higher the laser power needed.

You can choose the corresponding laser power according to the cutting thickness range of aluminum in the form.


However, please note that this is only a rough estimate. As the actual laser power required will also depend on other factors such as the cutting speed, the geometry of the cut, and the type of aluminum material. If you want to ensure optimal cutting performance, welcome to contact us. We are very glad to provide you the best solution for your specific application.

3.Cutting Speed

A machine with a high cutting speed will be able to complete a job faster, which can result in increased productivity and efficiency.

4.Cutting Accuracy

The accuracy of the cutting process is a crucial factor, especially when cutting aluminum parts for critical applications. Choose a machine with a high level of accuracy to cut parts precisely and consistently.


Regular maintenance is important to keep your cutting machine in good working condition. When selecting a machine, consider the level of maintenance required and choose one that is easy to maintain and keep operational.


The laser cutting machine cost can vary widely depending on its specifications. While it may be tempting to choose the least expensive machine, it is important to consider the long-term cost of ownership, including maintenance, consumables, and replacement parts.

7.Service and Support

Reliable service and support are crucial to the long-term success of a laser cutting machine. Choose a machine from a reputable manufacturer with dependable service and support.

Our Aluminum Fiber Laser Cutter

super high power laser cutting machine

Your benefits with Glorystar Aluminum Laser Cutter

High Speed

Speed and Efficiency

Our aluminum laser cutting machines can cut through aluminum at high speeds, reducing the time it takes to produce parts and allowing you to increase productivity and efficiency.

High Accuracy

Unmatched Precision

Our aluminum laser cutting machine can help you make accurate and consistent cuts with unmatched precision. It will help produce aluminum parts that meet even the most exacting standards.

low maintenance

Low Maintenance

Our aluminum laser cutters are equipped with smart maintenance system. They require less maintenance needs. It will help minimize downtime and ensure optimal performance.



With high efficiency and low operating cost, our aluminum laser cutting machines provide a cost-effective and efficient solution for cutting aluminum parts and components.

service and support

Service and Support

We provide a range of support services including training, installation, and ongoing maintenance to ensure the smooth operation of your machine. Our team of experienced technicians is always ready to assist you with any technical issues or questions you may have.

If you’re interested in purchasing or learning more about our aluminum laser cutting machine, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with a quote and answer any questions you may have.

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