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You may have any questions like these: What industries can fiber laser cutting machines be applied in? Is it suitable for our industry?

Don’t worry. First, let’s take a look at what materials can be cut by fiber laser cutting machines. Then we will walk you through which industries and their specific application solutions are applicable.

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Applications

What Materials Can a Fiber Laser Cut?

Fiber laser cutting is a fascinating technology with an extensive range of applications! It is suitable for cutting various metal materials, including common materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, and even highly reflective metal materials such as aluminum, copper, brass, and titanium.

All Kinds of Metal Materials Fiber Laser Cutting Demo

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Do the above metal materials need to be processed in your industry? If yes, keep reading! There are fiber laser cutting application solutions you want below, and I believe you will gain something!
And what are the advantages of fiber laser cutting machines when cutting the above materials?

Advantages of Fiber Laser Cutting

 Wide range of thickness for cutting

In addition to cutting various metal materials, a wide range of thicknesses of the materials can be cut by fiber laser cutting machines. The higher the power of the fiber laser cutting machine, the thicker the metal sheet can be cut. At present, the maximum power of the fiber laser cutting machine on the market can reach 30,000 Watts and above, and the maximum thickness that can be cut can reach 100mm and above. No matter what kind of and how thick the material you need to cut, fiber laser cutting machines can always meet your processing needs. Contact us and get your best fiber laser cutting application solution!

Play Video about 30000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Application in cutting 100mm Stainless steel

Contour freedom

There is great flexibility when using a fiber laser cutting machine to cut metal materials! Even complex shapes can be cut with no shape limit. No matter what shape of workpiece and product you need to cut, you can use a fiber optics laser cutting machine for processing.

Excellent cutting effect for making high-quality workpieces

Cutting metal with a fiber laser cutting machine belongs to non-contact processing. No need to worry about the materials being damaged. The quality of the laser beam is good, ensuring the cutting precision, and there is almost no burr, which can achieve the perfect cutting effect and produce high-quality workpieces, helping your product manufacturing project succeed!

Fast cutting speed and high production efficiency

A fiber laser cutting machine can run at a fast cutting speed, which can bring production efficiency to a new level and make your delivery time and capacity more competitive!

Low cost of use and high economic benefits

The fiber laser cutting machine can maximize the utilization rate of metal materials through reasonable typesetting. And fewer consumables are required, mainly including electricity, cooling water, auxiliary gas, and laser light, with an average cost of about 4 dollars per hour. Moreover, using a fiber laser cutting machine can realize automatic production, and the operation is very simple. Compared with traditional processing methods, it can significantly save labor costs and help you obtain higher economic benefits.

Fiber laser cutting is a very reliable and cost-effective solution. This technology interests many manufacturers from all industries, and they are increasingly adopting it to develop their manufacturing projects.

So what industries are fiber laser cutting machines suitable for, and how about the application solutions in each industry?

Fiber Laser Cutting Applications in Various Industries

Applications of Medium and Low Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Advertising Industry

For the advertising industry, fiber laser cutting machines can be used to cut all kinds of metal advertising products, such as metal advertising fonts, metal billboards, etc. The main materials are stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, aluminium, etc., with a thickness range of 0.5mm-2mm as usual. The size of sheet metal to be processed is generally 3*1.5m, usually using fiber laser cutting machines of about 3000W with 3015, 4020, or other working formats can meet the cutting needs of the industry.

fiber laser cutting machine application in advertising industry

The important thing is that these metal advertising products are to bring direct and effective publicity effects to enterprises; it requires that these metal advertising products must be beautiful, and also reflects the high degree of customization in the advertising industry, which needs to meet customers’  personalized needs, including manufacturing different special-shaped advertising products to fulfill their innovation.

Because the process of personalized design and production is very complicated, it is time-consuming and labor-intensive for traditional processing methods with a long production cycle, and a careless mistake can result in remanufacturing. Fiber laser cutting technology can easily solve the above problems, and its advantages are as followings:

  • Strong applicability, no pattern restrictions, can well meet various personalized design needs of advertising products
  • High cutting precision, smooth incision, one-time forming, and fast cutting speed, which can significantly shorten the production cycle while ensuring the quality and aesthetics of advertising products
  •  Strong repeatability, able to mass-produce various complex designs of advertising products, and improve production efficiency

Decoration Industry

For the decoration industry, cutting various metal decorations can use fiber laser cutting machines, such as metal screens, curtain walls, hall walls, and various metal crafts. The most widely used material in these metal decorations is stainless steel.

fiber laser cutting machine application in decoration industry

Similarly, the degree of customization of decorative products is very high, and the patterns that need to be customized are also very complex. 

Fortunately, the fiber laser cutting machine has excellent flexibility in special graphics processing. It can cut various complex graphics, only need to make CAD drawings, input them into the system, and use the relevant material to cut them directly. 

And the cutting speed is breakneck so that the graphics that need to be cut can be presented in a short time, and the processing process of complex graphics is straightforward and efficient. It is not a problem to meet any customized needs of customers regarding unique designs!

In addition, fiber laser cutting machines have the following advantages for the decoration industry:

  • The quality of the laser beam is good, which can realize ultra-high-precision cutting so that the edge of the cutting material has a good finish, no wear, and a perfect graphic
  • The non-contact processing method is adopted, which will not damage the materials and ensure the production of exquisite decorations.
Play Video about fiber laser cutting machine applications in decoration industry---beautiful craft cutting

Kitchenware Industry

For the kitchen utensil industry, fiber laser cutting machines can be used to manufacture kitchen utensils such as cabinets, range hoods, gas appliances, stoves, tableware, knives, etc. 

These kitchen utensils use a lot of sheet metal, of which 304 and 306 stainless steel are the most used. The thickness is generally relatively thin in the 0.7-2mm range. These relatively thin stainless steel plates can apply a low-power fiber laser cutting machine for processing; products that require thicker materials, such as pool panels, can use a higher-power fiber laser cutting machine for processing.

fiber laser cutting machine application in kitchenware industry

The traditional manufacturing process of kitchen utensils requires a large number of molds. The design and production process takes a long time and requires multiple procedures to achieve the final molding. The process is cumbersome with low production efficiency and high labor cost, which can no longer meet the market’s needs. On the contrary, the optical fiber laser cutting machine has the following advantages, which can perfectly replace traditional processing methods and create more profits for kitchenware manufacturers!

  • Without mold production, the plate parts of the kitchenware can be easily obtained by directly inputting the corresponding parameters, which significantly improves the production efficiency, shortens the production cycle of kitchenware products, and saves the cost of mold opening.
  • Good cutting quality, smooth section, no burrs, less secondary processing, short production cycle, low cost, and high economic benefits
  • High cutting precision, for example, can make the corner door seam of the cabinet more accurate and more beautiful

Applications of Medium and High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Applications of Medium and High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Shipbuilding Industry

Ships are tools that carry life, so the processing technology requirements for shipbuilding materials are very high for the shipbuilding industry. For example, the transfer accuracy of the hull section requires the frame assembly gap to be controlled within 1mm. If the processing technology does not meet the requirements, the material may have problems such as slight skew and burrs, which may bring disaster to the ship and life.

Steel plate is the most used material in shipbuilding and is widely used in hull-plate parts. At present, the main cutting methods include flame cutting, plasma cutting, shearing, and laser cutting. However, compared with laser cutting, flame-cutting and plasma cutting have larger slits and lower precision. 

On the contrary, laser cutting can better meet the technical requirements of the shipbuilding industry with its advantages of high precision and low thermal deformation, and the dimensional accuracy of cutting parts can reach ±0.05mm. And laser cutting can replace some die-cutting methods that require complex and large molds, which can greatly shorten the production cycle and reduce production costs.

Construction Machinery Industry

For the construction machinery industry, the workload of cutting parts accounts for a large proportion, and the efficiency and quality of cutting directly affect the efficiency and quality of machinery manufacturing. 

Construction machinery contains many complex structural parts; for example, bulldozers are composed of a trolley frame, main frame, cab, hood, the bottom guard plate, and other complex parts. The medium and thick steel plate is the raw material used for construction machinery manufacturing most. The traditional cutting equipment is difficult to process and obviously cannot meet the manufacturing needs of the construction machinery industry.

The fiber laser cutting machine is in line with the production requirements of construction machinery products in terms of efficiency, quality, and applicability. It can be used to complete high-quality cutting of materials of different shapes, types, and thicknesses, helping manufacturers produce ideal construction machinery and equipment!

fiber laser cutting machine application in construction machinery industry

Glorystar Laser has been a manufacturer engaged in the research and development and manufacture of laser equipment for more than 20 years. Its products are widely used in more than 70% of the world’s countries and regions, including sheet metal laser cutting machines, tube laser cutting machinestube and sheet fiber laser cutting machineslaser welding machines and bending machines, and provide satisfactory laser application solutions for many industries. 

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